Leap Drops of Stillness


Leap Drops of Stillness 

with Gaya Shelton-Ostadi and Toni Maita

Date: Sunday February 25

Time: 2:00-3:30pm

Investment: $19 in advance/$25 day of


Unplug from the noise and the hustle. For a while, let go of your screen and the world. Musician in Residence Gaya pairs up with Shamanic Healer, Toni Maita (Academy of Sound) to lead you through a lushly soothing soundscape designed to take you into the depths of peace. In this Sound Bath your mind will slow down, giving it time to process and integrate. And as the mind slows, your body is given time to relax, repair and heal.


What to Bring: Dress for warmth as you will be reclining and, at rest, your body temperature will drop. Leap Yoga has props, but bring whatever helps you build a comfy nest to recline within. People often use their yoga mat and a bolster and blanket. If you wish, bring a bottle of water (with a lid so as not to spill).



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