NEW Monthly Beginner Workshop at Leap


The Basics: A workshop  for the “Beginner” in all of us!


Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for 6 weeks or 6 years this is a workshop that will  benefit everyone. In this 2 1/2 hour  program we will explore breathing and the role it plays in ensuring that your yoga  practice is yoga and not just calisthenics.  A selective group of basic poses will be explored showing proper alignment,  modification,  and then sequenced into a simple flow that will help you build confidence and  deepen your personal practice while  helping avoid injury.


Teacher: Butch Mitchell

Date: November 7th, 12 – 2:30 p.m.

Investment: $39 in advance, $49 day of

In-studio space is limited and early registration is encouraged.

Available: in-studio & virtually as well.


Leap Fall Meditation & Gong Series with Rochelle Goehring



October 24:  Opening Your Heart – creating space for more joy into your life

November 14:  Embracing Change with a Thankful Heart – while gracefully lifting up those around you

December 12:  Tap into the Flow of Prosperity – cultivating abundance and balance

Time: 6.45-7.45pm

Investment: $10 in advance, $15 on the day

Location: In-Studio & Virtual

This meditation and gong series aligns with the fall season and focuses on letting go of things that will no longer serve us and manifesting more joy. All levels of experience, especially beginners are welcome.

Kaiut Workshop September 24-26

Kaiut Workshop at Leap (Virtual and in-person available)

Dates: September 24-26

Times: Friday 6-8pm, Saturday 12-2pm, Sunday 12-2pm

Single Session $45

Full Weekend $115 (All three sessions)



Friday 24th 6pm-8pm with Colette Nalley

In this section of the workshop, we explore the profound neurological impacts of the Kaiut Yoga method.  Due to our modern way of living, we all are in desperate need of rest and relaxation. True relaxation is not a shallow sensation—it creates real and measurable outcomes to our health and to the quality of our lives.  For example, sleep improves, blood pressure lowers, immune system function improves, etc.  In this session, we develop our capacity to be restful even as the body is actively challenged in the poses.   As we learn to be more restful in the poses, we strengthen the neurological connections between the brain and the various joints which are being positively stressed in the practice. Practicing in this way—keeping the mind calm and restful as the joints and body are stimulated—may strengthen the body’s innate ability to heal and ensures that we’re practicing in a way that is safe and sustainable all through our lives.


Saturday 25th 12noon-2pm with Molly Oser

Our joints rely on the ability to move properly, have adequate muscle support and be well lubricated.  Today we will find freedom of movement in the joints through poses  that take us through a range of motion adding variability and flexibility to your daily motion. We will focus on increasing the blood flow and fluid circulation in and around the joints through compression and opening like a massage for your joints.  Increasing strength and stability in all parts of the body may give you a little more lightness in your gait, some freedom in your neck and an overall feeling of wellness in your body.


Sunday 26th 12noon—2pm with Michéal Mitchell

This section of the Kaiut workshop will focus on improving your core strength.  Many associate only the abdominal muscles as the body’s core, however, the fact is the human core structure is MUCH more than that!  The core is a collection of muscles and joints that stabilize, rotate and move the spine.  We will focus on having your pelvis, lower back, hips & abdomen working in harmony allowing you to move more freely as well as improving overall balance.  Whether you enjoy physical activity like hiking, swimming, cycling or running OR just everyday activities like reaching for a glass on the top shelf, bending down to tie your shoes or getting down on the floor to play with your kids/grandkids ALL of these movements draw on your core strength.  Having a strong core is beneficial to EVERYONE because it allows your body to function properly

Sunday Afternoon Mantra Journey with Gaya’s Earth & Spirit Band


Date: Sunday, August 15th

Time: 1:30-3pm

Investment: $20 advance registration// $25 at the door

Join us for an afternoon of relaxation and joyful singing at LEAP Folsom as Gaya Shelton-Ostadi leads us through a soundscape of beautiful mantra. Everyone is welcome. Singing mantras is one of the most direct ways to connect with that inner well that contains bliss, relaxation and awe. This will be an afternoon of hearing simple mantra phrases and singing them back, led by Gaya and backed by her band, the Earth & Spirit Band. You will also learn about the four yogic states of meditation. Elevate your spirit and sink into the states of meditation, rejuvenate our mind and soul.

Come in comfortable clothes and don’t forget your water bottle.


Leap Sunday Evening Meditation & Gong Alignment with Rochelle Goehring

Date: September. 12th

Time: 6.45-7.45pm

Investment: $10 in advance, $15 on the day

Location: In-Studio & Virtual

Sunday Night Align & Rejuvenate:

This summer meditation and gong series will tap into the radiant sun energy balancing the mind and body to assist us in reaching our full potential and destiny.  Align and rejuvenate through a series of powerful seed mantras, breath meditations and symphonic gong healing.  Each class is aligned with Aquarian Numerology for solid navigation toward your destiny, during this time and space.  This series is designed for all levels of experience, especially beginners and first time participants.

Dance Your Asana Pop-Up with Morgan Fallon

An active, unique, and liberating movement practice workshop created and developed by Morgan Fallon, combining elements of integrated dance rhythms and yoga. This class will awaken your “life force energy” (Prana) and leave you feeling energized. 

Join Morgan for a playful and nurturing atmosphere with GREAT MUSIC, and much fun. 

The practice incorporates fluid movement patters, spirals centered around anatomical planes of axis, safe alignment, breath-work (pranayama), physical yoga postures (asana), primal movements, and Bioenergetics (ecstatic dance/shake medicine). 

Everyone is welcome with support and modifications suitable for all genders, ages, and body types. 

Bring you friends, family, and join us at Leap on Monday June 28th at 7:15pm!

$10 Drop-In

Strength & Conditioning Workshop with Benett & Susana


Date: Saturday May 22

Time: 12-2pm

Investment: $25

Things you’ll need: mat, 2 blocks, towel or soft socks (for sliding)



This workshop is a hybrid class combining elements of animal movement and mobility, cardiovascular training, strength building drills, and a modified asana sequence.  The aim of the class is to develop awareness, strength, and control of the body, breath, and mind – providing additional insight and conditioning for notorious “challenge” postures and transitions native to the Ashtanga Yoga Series.  Modifications and options will be offered to all who participate however it is important to acknowledge that this class will be challenging!



PRENATAL YOGA WORKSHOP Sunday, June 13th  1-3pm


Investment: Prenatal Workshop – $45

A two-hour workshop reviewing how breath and movement impact pregnancy and labor.  We will address the Stages of Labor and how to incorporate movement and breath during Transition and Pushing, practicing as we learn.  There will be an open discussion about what is really needed during labor, expectations of your birth, how your Partner can help, and the importance of Bonding after birth.  There will be Pauses throughout the workshop where we will practice quieting down our mind and connecting to our breath and Baby.


Should you need local Medical advice Leap Yoga recommends The practice of Ruth Haskins MD

For information simply click on the banner below:


Bhakti Bliss, A 95-minute Yoga Retreat with Britany Paradis

Bhakti Bliss a 95-minute Yoga Retreat

May 16th 12-1:35pm

Investment: $25

Join Britany for a journey into a whole body experience of sound, movement, rest and reset. This 95-minute yoga retreat will begin with gentle breathwork and the cultivation of present moment awareness, followed by a dynamic flow designed to warm and strengthen the body in preparation for a sequence of stretching, opening, and supported restorative postures. By this time the body will have begun its neurological reset and will be ready to rest and receive for an extended live music savasana – the ultimate gift.

All levels welcome. No experience necessary. Bring a layer to stay warm, a pillow and/or a blanket as desired.

Kaiut Yoga Immersion Weekend 


Dates: June 25th to 27th

Times: Friday 5:30-7:30pm, Saturday 12-2pm, Sunday 12-2pm

Investment: Single Session $45, Full Weekend $115 (All three sessions)

Venue: In-Studio and Virtual

With a combined 1700+ hours of training with founder of the Kaiut Yoga Method, Francisco Kaiut, Leap’s Certified Kaiut Yoga teachers have collaborated to bring you this very special event. Leap’s Kaiut Immersion Weekend includes 3 sessions that will explore the role the three major “girdles” (joints), shoulders, hips and ankles/feet, play in your overall mobility and joint health. Whether from over use, lack of use, injury or just regular use, our joints tend to lose some of their functionality. This can have a major impact on your quality of life. This practice also has a very positive effect on the nervous system. Grounding the nervous system can provide relief from anxiety and depression. When our brain feels safe and at ease throughout the practice this will stimulate the body’s natural healing intelligence.

Upon completing this series you will have a deeper understanding of the benefits this style of yoga can offer YOUR BODY and MIND for many years to come. Kaiut Yoga is appropriate for all ages and body types.

Each session will include:

* Kaiut Practice (Shoulders, Hips, Ankles/Feet)

* Learn proper use of modifications and props for YOUR BODY

* Discussion & Demonstration of Poses

* Q & A with Instructors

Friday 5:30-7:30pm The Shoulder Girdle with Colette Nalley

The shoulders are a highly sensitive section of the body. Connected to the thoracic spine (middle-upper back), it is the part of the spine that ages the fastest. Thus, we often notice rigidity, weakness, and loss of mobility in this area of the body first. In this practice we will uncover and explore restrictions in the shoulder girdle and move in the direction of improved mobility and restore the shoulder’s natural function.

Saturday 12-2pm The Hip Girdle with Molly Oser 

Saturday’s practice will focus on the movement in the hips from the front groin through the full range of the hip musculature. This practice will include movement throughout the entire leg and together we will watch the effects on the low back and the easing of the spine. When coupled with the practices on Friday and Sunday, we will begin to feel and find a harmony; a moving as a whole body with less tension and a feeling of ease.

Sunday 12-2pm Ankle & Feet with Michéal Mitchell

The ankles and feet are the foundation (or building blocks) of almost every movement you make. Whether you want to continue or improve upon other forms of activity that make you smile like hiking, running, power vinyasa, cycling or maybe even something as simple as getting down on the floor to play with your pets, kids or grand-kids… you may discover loss of functionality/motion in your ankles and feet that you didn’t even know you had. This loss of mobility could have a considerable impact on your quality of life now, or in the future. You will gain awareness of the impact this has on every step you take and also how loss of mobility of ankles/feet reverberates throughout the entire body.  You will gain an appreciation of how this practice can challenge and inspire… taking you through poses that utilize the range of motion Mother Nature intended you to have.