About Leap

At Leap we are committed to building a community rooted in compassion, love and truth. We want to support all of our students in creating their best life.

Leap Yoga was born from a collective desire to encourage everyone to have the courage to “leap” and do those things in their life that make them feel vibrant, alive, happy, healthy & fulfilled!

Simple though not easy, Yoga restores the balance lost in your life. If you’ve lost flexibility, or vitality and energy, gained unwanted weight or feel stress, yoga can help you to address these issues permanently. Through our practice you will feel younger and more energetic, look trimmer, feel better in your clothes, and get the ultimate workout. But even more importantly you will get the “work-in”. If you are willing, you can go beyond the physical to discover what’s happening within…what are your blocks to growth and having the life you want? What are your strengths and gifts? These are only a few of the many questions you can begin to ask and answer on your mat. So come play with us and see where your yogic journey takes you.


1725 Iron Point Road
Folsom, CA




Mon- Fri 5:30am-9pm
Sat 7:30am-5:30pm
Sun 8:30am-8pm
(closed 1-3:30pm on Sundays and Fridays)