Adult Classes

Vinyasa flow all levels

Leap Yoga’s Power Vinyasa practice will challenge you as you flow from one pose to the next in a logical, rythmic and building way. This All Levels Vinyasa Class will heal, detoxify and electrify your body and mind at the deepest levels. In this class you may be offered arm balances, inversions, and deeper binds along with more challenging apex postures and poses. All levels welcome as newer students will be able to modify poses and work on building a solid and safe foundation while more experienced students will be offered advanced variations to explore their edge. Classes are held for 60 & 75 minutes. The temperature will be nice and warm ranging between 86-92 degrees.

Basics power flow

Ignite the internal flame. Our Basic’s power flow classes focus on linking breath and the foundational poses of the power vinyasa practice together. In this class you will experience a strong integrated flow as you build strength and heat from within. Explore standing postures achieving greater balance on and off the yoga mat. Dive in to the basics of backbends and twists as well as core work leaving you feeling strong and centered. We move slower, less heat but will still challenge any yogi! Classes are held for 60 & 75 minutes. Heat is set from 84-90 degrees.

All levels Yin

Yin Yoga is a practice designed to lengthen connective tissue around the knees, pelvis, spine, shoulders, and sacrum. This is a passive practice. Yin Yoga involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3 to 5 minutes accessing deeper layers of fascia. This class is done primarily on the floor with props to support the body during this slow deep meditative practice. This class is not heated.

Yoga Flow 101

This class is appropriate for both the brand new yoga student as well as yoga practitioners who are interested in brushing up on proper alignment of foundational poses and learning more specifics about the practice of vinyasa yoga. We offer Yoga Flow 101 twice a week, Thursdays at 4:30pm and Sunday at 11am. These classes are not heated. In our Yoga Flow 101 classes you will learn how to build a solid foundation for your yoga practice. All levels welcome.

Refine & Align

Join Karen Miscall-Bannon in an exploration of the roots of vinyasa in this vigorous class. Karen has a vast knowledge of anatomy and yoga and is able to guide her students through the subtleties of the postures allowing them to experience how to generate, channel, and contain prank in the body. This class is offered as a specialty class once per month. Visit our workshops tab to register.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Inspired Class

Join Karen Miscall-Bannon for an ashtanga-vinyasa-inspired class from 7:45-9:15 am on Saturdays at Leap Yoga. Ashtanga-vinyasa is a set sequence of poses, and we will loosely follow the sequences for the first and second series. Since led Ashtanga classes are usually done with a group of people used to self-practice (the ashtanga system is traditionally taught as self-practice, 6 days a week) I will be deviating a little bit from the set sequences to teach students the information necessary to safely practice the sequences. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn the practice and how to safely do the postures so you can continue your yoga safely for the years to come! Ashtanga-vinyasa is the basis for all vinyasa as we know it today. Come and learn about the roots of your practice!

Practice with a Purpose

We pay it forward every couple of months by offering a donation-based class, with live music, to benefit different charities and causes. We invite you to set your intention, celebrate, and breathe in the abundance that comes from helping others.

Slow Flow

Would you like to slow your practice down in order to experience subtle sensations offered in each pose? Would you like to have the opportunity to learn the proper alignment of both basic and advanced yoga postures? If so, our Slow Flow class is the class for you. Transitions between poses are slower which allows time to find full support and improve strength, balance, flexibility, concentration, and inner calm. Challenge yourself both mentally and physically by slowing your practice down. This class is designed for the newer student and the advanced practitioner seeking more knowledge and precision.

Sunday Evening Meditation

Meditation is the art of moving successively through your own layers of being until you find the undying light within.  Meditation transforms your relationships, your work, and your understanding of who you are.  Meditation reveals your own inner beauty. Please join us on Sunday evenings as Linda for this yogic discussion and meditation. Each month has a theme. Please see class schedule for this month’s theme.

Kaiut Yoga

Kaiut Yoga is all about biomechanical health

Unlike most yoga that stretches muscles in extraordinary ways, Kaiut Yoga works from the joints. As such, it has a dramatic impact in countering the harmful effects of modern living – where most of us sit most of the day  – as well as the harmful impact to our bodies of consistent movement patterns such as frequent running or cycling, playing a certain sport for years, or our compensating behaviours for old sports or other injuries.

Kaiut Yoga is about maintaining or returning the body to optimal structure and functionality. It’s about freedom of movement, physical system and energy flow. It’s about keeping us as healthy, mobile and pain free as possible for as long as possible. With more freedom of body comes freedom of mind. It’s about a better quality of life.

The Yoga of Recovery

Research shows that yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are powerful tools for recovery in healing from addiction. Sydney Strohn and Alex Sotelo will share their message of recovery, hitting rock bottom, and the journey back. Mindfulness practices like gentle yoga flow, meditation, and breath work are powerful tools to reconnect to your body, being, and community. This class is open to all bodies and anyone touched by recovery.

Restorative Yoga

When we are supported, we are able to let go. In this class you will use numerous props (blankets, blocks, straps, walls, bolsters) to assist in achieving optimal alignment and a sense of support in every pose.This class mostly takes place on the floor for a deeper sense of grounding and stillness. When the body is aligned, quiet, and calm, the mind is able to surrender. The quieter we are, the more we can here and the more still we are, the more we can feel.