Prenatal Yoga 4 Week Class Series and Workshop

Prenatal 4 Week Class Series & Prenatal Workshop


Four-week Prenatal Yoga series – $60

Prenatal Workshop – $45

Both Prenatal Series and Workshop – $99


Mondays 10:15-11:15am:

5/10 WEEK 1 Heart and Breath 

What does it feel like to approach your pregnancy with an Open Heart and Mindful Breathing?

In the first week we will examine the emotions of pregnancy and learn how to use our breath to maintain a foundation of calmness and ‘ingathering’ to deepen the bond between you and your growing Baby.

5/17 WEEK 2 Body and Breath 

How do you view your body’s changes as it grows your Baby and how does this affect your pregnancy?

In the second week we will examine all the physical changes your body goes through as your Baby grows and the physical movements you can begin to practice in connection with your breath.

5/24 WEEK 3 Relationship and Breath 

What does your breath look like and feel like in your everyday interactions?

In the third week we will further examine how your everyday breath has impact on your body and your Baby’ emotions and how to activate mindful breathing in movement and stillness.

6/7 WEEK 4 Labor and Breath 

What are your concerns and fears during Labor?

In the fourth week we will discuss common concerns and fears during labor and how to use your breath and movement to benefit and cope with labor.


PRENATAL YOGA WORKSHOP Sunday, June 13th  1-3pm

A two-hour workshop reviewing how breath and movement impact pregnancy and labor.  We will address the Stages of Labor and how to incorporate movement and breath during Transition and Pushing, practicing as we learn.  There will be an open discussion about what is really needed during labor, expectations of your birth, how your Partner can help, and the importance of Bonding after birth.  There will be Pauses throughout the workshop where we will practice quieting down our mind and connecting to our breath and Baby.




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