Rock the Vote!!


National Voter Registration Day is 9/22/20

It’s never too early to exercise your Constitutional right to register.  

Voters need to register or update their registration if 

  • they have moved since the last election
  • turned 18 
  • became a citizen
  • changed their name. 

The changes to voting procedures in response to COVID-19 make it crucial that voters register or update their registrations well in advance of Election Day. Only voters that are registered in advance may be able to take advantage of options such as mail-in voting or early in person voting.

California Voter Registration Deadlines:

California counties which have adopted the California Voter’s Choice Act use a vote-by-mail system for all elections, meaning that every registered voter is sent a ballot in the mail 29 days (10/5/20) before Election Day. As of 2020, these counties include:

El Dorado


In 2016, over 65 million citizens were unable to vote because they were not  registered. In a 2020 one study found more than one in four eligible voters (27%) reported not being registered because they didn’t know how, they kept forgetting, they didn’t have time, were too busy, or they recently moved. Among unregistered voters ages 18-24, this number was even higher: 42%.1.  If you, your friends or family members fall in this age group please pass the below information on to them.  

With recent Post Office challenges, please register early so you don’t miss the mailing date for your ballot this year.  Check your voter registration status at

Our country and democracy are stronger when we all vote.



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