Leap is gearing up to have you back!

Leap is gearing up to have you back!


So we are both excited, but also a little sad.

Excited because we can’t wait to see your friendly faces come through our doors. The smiles, the chatting, hearing how you have all been doing during the past 2 or so months.  The vibe, the love, the caring as we share our love for yoga, wellness, community and peace.  It has been difficult for us all to give up our vital interaction.

A little sad as we still can’t definitively say when our opening will be.  We realize it will come, but await directives from the State as to when this might be,  The fact that other businesses are opening gives us joy, but being a Yoga studio, we have been deemed a category 3 business, which makes us a little apprehensive as to when we will have our new normalcy begin, and we can all reunite.

However enough musing.  In the interim we certainly have not been idle in the pursuit of providing Leapers the best experience ever.  New classes, new schedules, new VIRTUAL classes, new offerings, new website and a completely refurbished Leap environment for you all to enjoy. But more of that to come!

In the meantime, we thought it would be fun to post a few images of what has been going on behind the scenes over the past few weeks.  A true labour of love.




In the meantime, we need all the support we can get.  We will continue to have a complete VIRTUAL offering as we simply can’t let all this amazing work not complement our in studio offer.  So if you know of anyone near or far, that could benefit from the Yoga experience at Leap, please refer them.  Drop us a line that you have done so either via messenger, or email to cindi@leapyoga.net and when they sign up for a 30 for $39, will give you a little something to show our appreciation.  With much thanks and love, Namaste.


Simply click on the photo below:







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