Partner Yin-Thai Yoga Massage with Cacao with James Kapicka

Partner Yin-Thai Yoga Massage with Cacao

Date: Sunday February 16

Time: 1-3:30pm 

Registration per pair, advance $65, day of event $75


Come play and connect with a beloved in this Valentine’s Day offering and explore a deepening of your relationship. We will begin this journey with heirloom cacao from beyond-organic, regenerative farms in Ecuador, then move into energetic awareness and connection through breath, movement, sound and touch. This somatic-based partner yin and Thai yoga massage experience is an opportunity to listen to your intuitive knowing of how to touch with consciousness and compassion, and cultivate trust by seeing and supporting the wholeness in one another.

This offering is intended for any two people interested in spending time together to breathe, move, share touch and love. Gift yourself time to experience gratitude for this person in your life.



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