2017 Fresh Start Seminar with Holistic Chef Christine Ice

This Course Covers How, When & What To Put On Your Plate To Truly Nourish Your Body And Simple Daily Rituals Of Self Care That Will Help You Create A Huge Shift In Your Level Of Energy, Vitality & Radiance.
Sunday’s gathering is followed by a Group, Coach-Guided 5-DAY RESET & REJUVENATE REAL FOOD TEST DRIVE from Monday the 13th Through Friday the 17th.

Seminar Topics Include:

Yogic Philosophy of Self Care

Gut Intelligence / Eating based on Intuition
The New Basics to Create a Healthy Kitchen
How to Shop for and Store Healthy Provisions
How Organic and Living Raw Foods Create Vitality
The Top 21 Power Foods
Batch Prep & Cooking 101
Food Combining Guidelines
Adding Probiotics/ Kiefer/ Fermented Foods
Fun New Baking Essentials
Toxins & Chemical Exposure
Daily Detoxing Ritual & Creating an Alkaline ph Balance
Technology Exposure
Sleep 101

Sunday February 12th from 1-3pm
Investment: $79/early-registration $89/walk-in, sign up with a buddy and each will receive a $15 discount!

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