Chakra Journeys with Gaya Shelton-Ostadi


Chakra Journeys with Gaya Shelton-Ostadi




March 3 Drawing Up Earth (the lower Chakras)

March 24 Drawing Down Sky (the Upper Chakras)

April 7 Conjunction of Love (the Meeting Place Chakra)

You can attend all or individual sessions


Time: 2-3pm



All 3 Session: $45

Individual Sessions: $20


Attune to the energetic vortices that are the portals of your being as it journeys from light into matter. In this three part offering, Gaya will lead you through regions of The Chakras helping you to attune, understand and experience each energy center. The three part journey will cover each chakra including:

—Decoding visual depictions

—Influences and qualities

—Guided Meditation aimed at direct experience




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