Moon Circle Gatherings


Moon Circle Gatherings with Melissa and Kate


Date: Sunday:

1/14/24 – New Moon in Capricorn

2/11/24 – New Moon in Aquarius

3/10/24 – New Moon in Pisces

4/21/24 – Full Moon in Scorpio

5/05/24 – New Moon in Taurus

6/09/24 – New Moon in Gemini

Time: 6;45 – 8;15

Investment: $30/$35 day of walk-ins

Teachers: Melissa Maddern & Kate Thomas



Moon Circles are an opportunity for women to gather, connect, and contribute to growing a community through collective intention setting. Guided by Melissa Maddern and Kate Thomas, this celebration of the moon will help us to focus on being and showing up as our true selves. The offering will include gentle movement, a supportive yin practice, intention setting, and enjoying a small snack while spending time in community.



A sacred gathering honoring the new or full moon. Also known as a women’s circle or Sister Circle, this monthly gathering offers women a place to connect in a safe and non-judgemental space. Gatherings are themed according to the moon’s astrological sign and include a bit of gentle movement, intentional stillness, and an opportunity to contribute to a collective intention setting, followed by sharing in nourishment and community.
Please dress comfortably, bring your yoga mat, a journal and an open heart and open mind.




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