Sacred Sound Events with Gaya


Sacred Sound Events


Sunday October 29: 2pm-3pm

Mantra Meditation

Chant the mantra for peacefulness and contentment as we drop in deep with our well-wishes for all beings with Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. Repeating this beautiful mantra helps to build equinimity and happiness. Join us for a beautiful deep dive into this healing space.

Event is $12 advance • $15 at the door



Sunday November 5: 2pm-3pm

Guided Meditation: Connecting the Poles

Join Gaya as she guides you into a sustained meditation space where the mind rests and the body heals. Gaya will be using gentle sacred sounds, silence and lovely images to ease you into a place of wholeness and cosmic connection. Everyone can meditate and find restful peace. This workshop will help you find your way there.

Event is $12 advance • $15 at the door






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