Kaiut Immersion Workshops and Classes with Ravi Kaiut


Kaiut with Ravi Kaiut


We are very excited to be hosting this incredible in-person event showcasing KAIUT yoga lead by Ravi Kaiut. We can’t wait to take this journey with you in exploring the profound practices of Kaiut Yoga, a legacy carried down from Ravi’s  father, Francisco Kaiut.

It is with immense joy that we invite you to be part of an invigorating yoga event taking place at  here at Leap Yoga, Folsom, California from September 29th to October 8th.

We genuinely believe in the power of community, connection, and shared energy. As such, a return to physical practices offers us the chance to rejuvenate the feeling of togetherness, invaluable and irreplaceable in our path to wellness.

We will begin the experience with the Living the Method program. In this, we will explore the fundamentals of Kaiut Yoga, a method uniquely designed to align with the body’s natural intelligence for an enhanced sense of health and well-being.

Throughout the week, expect a Series of Classes where you can deepen your practice, explore different yogic aspects, and connect with the holistic essence of Kaiut Yoga. These sessions will take place Monday through Thursday, two sessions per day.

The finale will have us focusing on understanding and managing pain through Yoga. Our Pain Management Workshop will delineate the often overlooked but extraordinarily beneficial facets of Kaiut Yoga – its potent therapeutic potential and its finesse in chronic pain management.

Your presence and participation in this event could be a soulful, valuable, and transformative journey to unfold your mind-body connection and deepen your wellness path. It’s a statement saying, ‘You stand for your well-being.’


Registration for this all-encompassing yoga experience is now open. This option secures your spot for The Works – the entire Kaiut Immersion Event. 


Leap Yoga Kaiut Immersion Event – The Works


What: Leap Yoga Kaiut Immersion Event – The Works

When: Friday, September 29th, 2023 – Sunday, October 8th, 2023

Where: Leap Yoga, Folsom, CA – Main Studio



• Kaiut: Living the Method Workshop (Friday, September 29th – Sunday, October 1st)

• Twice Daily Sessions led by Ravi Kaiut (Monday, October 2nd – Thursday, October 5th)

• Kaiut: Pain Management Workshop (Friday, October 6th – Sunday, October 8th)


$765.00 (Includes 15% discount for full event sign-up)

$745.00 (Unlimited Member Discount)


Any questions regarding workshops or sign-up please contact us at Leap Yoga info@leapyoga.net or 916-608-5327. We will contact you asap.



Kaiut Living the Method Workshop (Friday September 29 – Sunday October 1) 


Due to our modern way of living our use of the body has diminished drastically over the past few decades and yet the internal human systems are still the same as millions of years ago. These systems require movement and mobility to maintain optimal health. This disconnect creates many of the modern illnesses and challenges we see today such as compromised mobility, anxiety, and negative stress.

This workshop brings to the student the experience and education to create a steady practice that can have a deep positive impact. Exploring many different areas of the body, students will learn how to make yoga a daily ritual and enjoy the journey towards better health.

Each of the four Living the Method sessions will have a specific focus. In each session the teacher will take into account the individual students in attendance in order to deliver the best possible experience.


Living the Method Session 1  

Friday, 9/29, 6:00 – 8:00pm $95 (or $350 for full weekend)

Living the Method Session 2

Saturday, 9/30, 11:00 – 1:00pm $95 (or $350 for full weekend)

Living the Method Session 3

Saturday, 9/30, 2:00 – 4:00pm $95 (or $350 for full weekend)

Living the Method Session 4

Sunday, 10/1, 1:00 – 3:00pm $95 (or $350 for full weekend)



Kaiut Schedule Weekday Sessions (Monday October 2 – Thursday October 5)


Monday October 2 10:30 & 7:15pm
Tuesday October 3 10:30 & 4:30
Wednesday October 4 10:30 & 4:30
Thursday October 5 10:30 & 4:30

Pricing Weekday Sessions 

Single Session $35 (25% off one Single Session for Leap UNLIMITED members)

4 Class Pass $115 (25% off 4 Class Pass for Leap UNLIMITED members)

8 Class Pass $200 (25% off 8 Class Pass for Leap UNLIMITED members)



Kaiut Pain Management Workshop (Friday October 6 – Sunday October 8)


This transformative workshop draws from the essence of Kaiut Yoga. Francisco Kaiut, invested his life’s work in designing this method to address the body’s complexities, aiming to alleviate chronic discomfort and pain. As Ravi shares his family’s legacy with you, we hope you sense as much honor in learning as he feels in teaching.

The Pain Management Weekend will include guided sessions, engaging discussions, and mindful practices to help you understand the relationship between body mechanics, pain, and yoga. We’ll explore how the unique sequence of Kaiut Yoga poses can be used to methodically address chronic pain and stress, enhancing your overall sense of well-being.

What can you expect? Over the course of the weekend, we’ll embark on a series of carefully designed yoga practices, demystifying the often intimidating entity – pain. We’ll show how you can engage with discomfort, understand it, and then manage it with a meditative mind, gentle motions, and yogic interventions.

This workshop will explore the fundamentals of Kaiut Yoga and how they apply to chronic and emotional pain, trauma, and related injuries. Ravi will share easy to use tools to organize the body and mind with the idea of breaking down rigidity and blockages in order to achieve well-being and comfort in the body and mind.

This workshop will not be offered in individual sessions, as each day builds upon the previous.

Pain Management Session 1  $350 Full Weekend 

Friday, 10/6, 6:00 – 8:00pm

Pain Management Session 2

Saturday, 10/7, 11:00 – 1:00pm

Pain Management Session 3

Saturday, 10/7, 2:00 – 4:00pm

Pain Management Session 4

Sunday, 10/8, 1:00 – 3:00pm



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this workshop only for teachers?

No. Kaiut immersion workshops are for all people looking to improve their own health.

2. What do I need to bring?

Nothing. All required equipment is supplied.

3. What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing. Perhaps bring a sweater or hoodie or the like, in case the room is cool when you arrive or as we close a class.

4. Do I need prior Yoga experience?

No. Kaiut Yoga is designed for people of all experience levels, including no experience.

5. Can I do Kaiut Yoga with chronic pain?

Yes. Kaiut Yoga is designed to relieve chronic pain and minimize the negative impact of modern life.

6. What if I am no longer in my youth?

Then Kaiut Yoga is also for you! This yoga method works to counteract common biomechanical impacts of aging on our bodies.





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