Leap Get Unstuck, Free Your Fascia with Andi Donovan

Get Unstuck: Free your Fascia for More Mobility, Less Pain and a Better Quality of Life!


Date: Saturday October 21st, 2023
Time: 12:30PM to 3:00PM
Investment: $45 / $55 for day-of Walk-ins • $35 for Zoom / Virtual Attendees
(Included for those attending in-person – Myofascial-release “spikey massage” ball)

It’s like getting a 2 ½  HOUR massage while learning how to improve FLEXIBILITY and MOBILTY, as well as FUNCTION and PERFORMANCE. You will also learn how to and reduce INJURIES… and BALANCE your MERIDIAN LINES.

If you still feel “stuck” despite your regular yoga practice and exercise,  this workshop is for you. Whether you are an Athlete, Desk Jockey, Yogi, Dancer, Gym-goer, a Mom, or Dad… you can benefit from this work.

During this workshop we will be using various myofascial release tools to retrain the muscles and surrounding tissue to lengthen, strengthen and fire more efficiently. Myofascial release can reduce pain, increase range of motion, as well is balance your meridian lines for a happier, healthier BODY and MIND.


You will learn:

• How your fascia affects your overall state of wellbeing.

• How you can affect the meridian lines of the body by using myofascial release techniques

• How to release the sticky fascia in your body that keeps you from moving freely

• Which parts of your body need to be released and which parts could use more strength

• Which myofascial release tools work best




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