Meditation & Sound Healing with Rochelle Goehring

Leap Meditation & Sound Healing with Rochelle Goehring


Day: Sundays

Time: 6;45 to 7;45pm

Investment: $10 Advance, $15 on day.


September 18: Creating Sacred Space: 

Tap into your heart center and capacity to create and maintain sacred space.  This workshop will guide you through a power meditation to create scared space and heal dysfunctional road blocks through Symphonic Gong sound healing.

October 16:  Embracing Change:  

Prepare for up coming changes.  Through a prescriptive meditation and surrendering to the healing vibration of the Symphonic Gong this workshop will prepare you for upcoming changes in the transformational month of October.


November 20: Activating Prosperity: 

Honor and accept the prosperity waiting for you. Learn to activate your gift of manifesting prosperity through a powerful meditation and vibrational expansion to open up your pathway.

December 18:  Build Your Excellence:  

It’s time for you to excel and be the light! Through a powerful meditation and vibrational sound activation this workshop will expand your gift of mastery and progression toward sustainable excellence.



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