Pranic Root with Morgan Fallon

Pranic Root with Morgan Fallon


Date: September 16th- Pranic Root workshop

Time: 6-7:30pm

Investment: $25

Pranic Root is a unique movement practice created and developed by Morgan Fallon, that combines elements of  dance rhythms and technique and yoga through an integrated and expressive approach to the awakening and containment of “life force energy” (Prana). Classes are intuitively and intelligently sequenced through creative improvisation, providing a playful and nurturing atmosphere and encompassing an exploration of movement principles that can be applied to any from of dance or yoga. The practice incorporates fluid movement patters, spirals centered around anatomical planes of axis, safe alignment, breath-work (pranayama), physical yoga postures (asana), vocal toning exercises, primal movements, and Bioenergetics (ecstatic dance/shake medicine), providing support and modifications suitable for all genders, ages, and body types.



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