Kaiut for Life

Hi everyone…please accept my personal invitation to experience either the Kaiut Teacher’s Training from July 20th to 27th or our four Day Kaiut Workshop, which will be from August 1st through the 4th ….or both…. with Francisco Kaiut, founder of Kaiut Yoga.


I  recently completed the 14 day Kaiut Teacher’s Training with Francisco in Telluride, Colorado. Don’t let the term “Teacher’s Training” scare you.  This training is for those who might be considering teaching and those of us who were there to learn and explore the poses and get  deeper into our practice…the experience was all I hoped for and more. I learned about my practice and how my body responds to the different poses. I learned to feel and pay attention to what was happening to my body and  not evaluate my poses based on what was taking place on the mats next to me.  While there was plenty of practice time…over 3 hours a day….there was lots of time for lecture and discussion.


And now it’s your chance to experience one or  both of these upcoming events….and you don’t have to buy an airline ticket or find someplace to stay…the founder of Kaiut Yoga will be here…in Folsom….July 20 – 27 for Teacher’s Training and a 4 day Workshop August 1st – 4th.


I encourage you to attend one or both of these upcoming events….you will be so glad you did.



 Papa Yogi.




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