Yoga & Sacred Sound  Workshop

Yoga & Sacred Sound  Workshop with Eric Olson and Paz de la Calzada of Sonic Alchemy & Gaya’s Earth & Spirit Band.


Join us for a luxurious dive into the healing powers of movement and sound.


You will be guided  through a centering and grounding asana practice. The asana practice is designed to release kinks and prepare your body and mind for a deeper journey. Savasana will be extended and you will be guided on a journey of relaxation and visioning. Bathe in healing sounds of the gongs, crystal and Tibetan bowls, flutes and monochord played by musicians Eric Olson and Paz de la Calzada of Sonic Alchemy. Afterward, we will pause in a short period of silence, then reconnect with our yoga community in a final sound event: shared mantras lead by Gaya’s Earth & Spirit Band.

Date: Saturday March 26th

Time: 4-6.30pm

Investment: $45 in advance/$55 day of




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