Kaiut Yoga Immersion Weekend with Colette, Molly & Michéal

Kaiut Workshop September 24-26

Kaiut Workshop at Leap (Virtual and in-person available)

Dates: September 24-26

Times: Friday 6-8pm, Saturday 12-2pm, Sunday 12-2pm

Single Session $45

Full Weekend $115 (All three sessions)



Friday 24th 6pm-8pm with Colette Nalley

In this section of the workshop, we explore the profound neurological impacts of the Kaiut Yoga method.  Due to our modern way of living, we all are in desperate need of rest and relaxation. True relaxation is not a shallow sensation—it creates real and measurable outcomes to our health and to the quality of our lives.  For example, sleep improves, blood pressure lowers, immune system function improves, etc.  In this session, we develop our capacity to be restful even as the body is actively challenged in the poses.   As we learn to be more restful in the poses, we strengthen the neurological connections between the brain and the various joints which are being positively stressed in the practice. Practicing in this way—keeping the mind calm and restful as the joints and body are stimulated—may strengthen the body’s innate ability to heal and ensures that we’re practicing in a way that is safe and sustainable all through our lives.


Saturday 25th 12noon-2pm with Molly Oser

Our joints rely on the ability to move properly, have adequate muscle support and be well lubricated.  Today we will find freedom of movement in the joints through poses  that take us through a range of motion adding variability and flexibility to your daily motion. We will focus on increasing the blood flow and fluid circulation in and around the joints through compression and opening like a massage for your joints.  Increasing strength and stability in all parts of the body may give you a little more lightness in your gait, some freedom in your neck and an overall feeling of wellness in your body.


Sunday 26th 12noon—2pm with Michéal Mitchell

This section of the Kaiut workshop will focus on improving your core strength.  Many associate only the abdominal muscles as the body’s core, however, the fact is the human core structure is MUCH more than that!  The core is a collection of muscles and joints that stabilize, rotate and move the spine.  We will focus on having your pelvis, lower back, hips & abdomen working in harmony allowing you to move more freely as well as improving overall balance.  Whether you enjoy physical activity like hiking, swimming, cycling or running OR just everyday activities like reaching for a glass on the top shelf, bending down to tie your shoes or getting down on the floor to play with your kids/grandkids ALL of these movements draw on your core strength.  Having a strong core is beneficial to EVERYONE because it allows your body to function properly



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