10 Great Reasons To Do A Teacher Training


10 Great Reasons to do a Yoga Teacher Training (Even if you Don’t want to Teach!)


I had been practicing for 8 years before I started to toy with the idea of taking a teacher training. My first thought, I was too old! The younger generation was showing up as the popularity of yoga gathered momentum. So, at the ripe ole’ age of 36, I made excuses and tried to talk myself out of it. Truthfully, I was scared. I knew I would have to get out of my comfort zone. But this little voice in my head kept saying “Do it, the time is now!” 

I am so happy I listened to my intuition and stepped into the fire. Words simply cannot express the magnitude of the experience and how it changed my life. Upon completion of my training, I was offered a position at a local gym. It was there that I was able to share the beauty of this practice to others. 17 years later, not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks to this practice, the teachings, and all that it has given to me. And a reminder, we are never too old to try something new!

Even if you choose not to teach the outcome is extremely positive; your confidence will soar, the practice will take root, and the inspiration from the training will fuel any number of transformations in your life. Need more? Here are 10 reasons why a teacher training is right for you: 

  1. Deepen your practice – enhance your understanding of poses from the inside out, learn yoga anatomy, alignment and key actions, modifications, and hands on adjustments.
  2. Focus on you – teacher training is an investment in you, your health, and your growth. 
  3. Get in shape, feel great – nothing like practicing asana everyday to give a boost to your health and wellness. 
  4. Broaden your understanding of yoga beyond physical poses – explore the subtleties of pranayama, meditation, chakras, and energy anatomy.
  5. Explore yoga philosophy – what is the history of yoga? where does it come from? why is it still applicable today? learn the vibrational language of Sanskrit.
  6. Cultivate lasting and meaningful relationships – the bonds that are created during teacher training last a lifetime as you immerse yourself in community and deepen your connection with teachers and fellow students.
  7. Accelerate transformation in your life – there is an individual and collective experience of transformation that takes shape during a training inspiring you to live bigger and brighter!
  8. Learn to teach – whether you ever teach a yoga class post training or not what you gain from the opportunity to teach others ripples out into all areas of your life. 
  9. Receive personal attention – learn how to adapt the practice to meet your needs, develop a personal mediation and home asana practice, and receive individualized feedback on how to teach in a way that is most authentic to you!
  10. You love yoga! why not dive deeper into something that brings you peace and happiness. 😊

Yoga teacher training is a substantial commitment of your energy, time, and finances; and it’s not an easy decision. Please feel free to contact Stacy or I if you would like to discuss the possibilities. 

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