Dance Your Asana Pop-Up with Morgan Fallon

Dance Your Asana Pop-Up with Morgan Fallon

An active, unique, and liberating movement practice workshop created and developed by Morgan Fallon, combining elements of integrated dance rhythms and yoga. This class will awaken your “life force energy” (Prana) and leave you feeling energized. 

Join Morgan for a playful and nurturing atmosphere with GREAT MUSIC, and much fun. 

The practice incorporates fluid movement patters, spirals centered around anatomical planes of axis, safe alignment, breath-work (pranayama), physical yoga postures (asana), primal movements, and Bioenergetics (ecstatic dance/shake medicine). 

Everyone is welcome with support and modifications suitable for all genders, ages, and body types. 

Bring you friends, family, and join us at Leap on Monday June 28th at 7:15pm!

$10 Drop-In



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