Treat Your Mind Like An Infant


Treat Your Mind Like An Infant



Meditation can be a really tough practice. One of the big challenges is the unrelenting judgment of your critical mind. It can feel disheartening when you lose concentration or get distracted by the discomfort of being still. You might overly criticize yourself to the point where you want to quit.

Here is a helpful tip: try treating your mind like an infant learning to walk. Your mind can be wobbly and fragile just like a baby trying to take their first steps. Patience and loving encouragement are absolutely necessary.

Be kind to yourself, especially when you are learning a new skill. You would not get angry at a baby if they lose their balance when walking. In the same way, it is not helpful to get upset when your mind loses concentration in your meditation.

This compassionate approach to your mind applies to more than just your meditation practice. Observing and treating yourself with great care creates a life with more compassion and limits the propensity to cause harm.

Let go of self-judgement and acknowledge your intrinsic value. Your input affects your output. If you are inputting love and care for yourself, you will have a greater capacity to share this with others.

Practice loving attention in your meditation and then notice how you treat yourself and others throughout the rest of your day. It can change the entire landscape on how you view the world.

Michael Fong



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