Leap, Yoga, Grief and Love

Leap, Yoga, Grief and Love


At Leap we believe in the power of community and that yoga has the power to heal. Practicing yoga in community can enhance the power of intention exponentially. Our practice gives us the ability to come back to ourselves over and over again. When we become still we can align with the place inside that is intelligent, wise, and centered. We can correctly identify what we are feeling and use our wisdom to determine the next right step. There is great power in this process. There is great power in love.

I recommend this short read from LightOmega. For me it’s spot on. This helped me to identify that the feeling underneath the confusion, anger, sadness and frustration is grief. Understanding this has been helpful to me and maybe this article will feel helpful to you in determining what your next right steps might be.

“Dr. King understood this principle. He understood how grief can be linked with love whereas violent retribution cannot. It can only be linked with further violence. He understood that grief, if it involved only a feeling of helplessness, was not enough. But grief connected with a burning desire to prevent suffering and to create change, grief in the presence of love could change the world.”

LightOmega Article: https://lightomega.org/…/death-george-floyd-and-healing-po…/

We want you to know that we are here for you. We continue to teach yoga as a service because these timeless practices help us to evolve and have blessed humanity for thousands of years.

We invite you to continue practicing with us as often as possible as we continue to offer Leap Live VIRTUAL classes led by your dedicated Leap teachers. Our classes are rooted in tradition and are designed to help you tune into your own intelligence for answers, cultivate inner strength, grace, and compassion.

Om namo Bhagavate. Om namo namah. May the Supreme One that we are all part of ignite this fire of love and commitment within us.


Stacy, Butch, Michēal, Cindi and Marco



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