Leap Yoga Commercial


Leap Yoga Commercial



We are delighted to launch the latest TV commercial for Leap Yoga in Folsom California to go live over the holiday period on KCRA.

Invest into your 401K for your body and join us to experience the unique facilities and many virtues  of Leap along with the incredible variety and benefits of yoga offered, form power Vinyasa, Yin, Kaiut, Kundalini, we are sure you will find the yoga that is right for you and your body!

Special thanks to everyone that made the commercial possible, our wonderful staff for their contribution, Butch and MTM Marketing, Michêal at KCRA, Craig at Craig Koski PhotoArt, Marco at MiDESign and Marketing Consultancy, Stacy, Cindi, Lynette and Molly for their contributions and insights as well as our wonderful members and guests for participating!

We can’t wait for the commercial’s general release and look forward to seeing you all at Leap Yoga – Yoga for EveryBody.  With so many classes and events on the horizon, we are excited to share the special holiday season with you.





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