The Nature of Relationships

The Nature of Relationships by Michael Fong

When we study yoga, we are studying the underlying qualities of our relationships to ourselves and the world around us. It is imperative as we progress through our practice to examine the relationships to our mind, our body, food, other people, our environment, etc. Yoga allows us to examine our deeply rooted tendencies and habits. It is not easy to take an objective look at your life and it may feel quite shocking at first. Observing the cycle of your patterns is the first step to taking action in the right direction. DEVELOP A FIRM UNDERSTANDING OF HOW YOU RELATE TO SOMETHING AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ENGAGE WITHIN THE RELATIONSHIP IN A WAY THAT POSITIVELY BENEFITS EVERYONE.

The first place to look when investigating your relationships is the present moment. The present moment provides the most crucial information- the real nature of reality. It is easy to generate past & future stories that leave us polarized in attachment & aversion. This pattern of thinking and observing will only take us further away from the present moment. I am not suggesting that you disregard reflections of the past or future contemplation. It simply means don’t indulge in anything that takes you away from what is real.

THE MAIN STEP IN GAINING ACCURATE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIPS IS TO STAY OBJECTIVELY PRESENT WITH ACCEPTANCE AND WITHOUT JUDGEMENT. To look at something objectively means to witness something in its truest form. Stories, preferences and judgements provide information, but will most likely cloud your ability to see the fullest truth. Stay present with your relationships and you will learn how to optimally conduct yourself in the world.

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