Do you feel like there is something bigger out there for you?

Do you feel like there is something bigger out there for you?

Do you have moments where you recognize that you have a dream to be more, do more, and give more, access more?  

Are you stuck in-between feeling appreciative and grateful for the beautiful life you have and wondering why you feel like something is missing?  Wondering why you just can’t be satisfied? 

Has someone even said as much to you in a negative way?  

Let me reassure you that if you believe there is more, there is.  The grandest of ideas of what you believe is possible for you and for your life is only an itsy teensy glimpse into what is actually possible for you.  

Fantasy thinking is not magical thinking.

Your dreams and your desires are a call to a greater and bigger and bolder experience on this planet.   

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it! “ – Walt Disney

How do you begin to unlock your true potential?   How do you begin to actualize the essence of what is missing in your life? 

Step 1:  You must stay close to yourself. 

  • You must be committed to yourself daily, ritualistically, honestly without wavering.  
  • Your commitment to yourself must be stronger than your neurosis, stronger than your to do list and more important to you than what anyone else is asking for you to do.  
  • You need to be relentlessly disciplined to your self-care, time with yourself journaling, meditating, praying, yoga-ing, spending time in nature and likewise.   
  • Staying close to yourself is deeply knowing yourself, building a relationship with yourself and making this your greatest commitment.   
  • You must put yourself first.  

Step 2:  You must surrender your expectations and trust yourself, your intuition and your instinct ONE STEP AT A TIME.  

  • You must let go of a linear process and embrace the journey.   
  • You must hold a vision of what you’d like to achieve or create but softening to how and when or how you will get there.  
  • You must learn to trust the journey completely.   
  • You must let go of specific outcomes and rigid ways of getting there.  This is an exercise of faith.  

Step 3:  You must be willing to spend time outside of your comfort zone. 

  • You must feel, sit with, breath with and get to know anything inside of you that feels uncomfortable and that you would prefer to avoid.
  • You must embrace the fuzzy feeling, the questioning, and any sense of unrest that has seemed unworthy of your attention and yet presents itself to you over and over again.  
  • You must acknowledge the awkward or unpleasant feeling you have even when everything seems to be going right.  It’s the one you downplay, overlook or disregard.  
  • You must say yes to the invitation to stay close to yourself, to learn yourself and to grown yourself and your life.  

Wanna begin to learn how to do this?  


Ladies, you are ALL invited to the Heart Wide Open Workshop WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT Workshop this weekend on Sunday, August 19th at 1-215pm.   

Register or find more details under the Workshop section of the Leap Website. 

*All proceeds go to Powerhouse Ministries Folsom helping women and children in need. 

My name is Hannah Zackney and I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #92984 in Folsom, Ca.  

I am honored to share what I learn from my own journey and from others.  



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