Leap Kaiut Yoga Workshop Mega Weekend with Founder Francisco Kaiut

Leap Kaiut Yoga Workshop Mega Weekend with Founder Francisco Kaiut

Founder of Kaiut Yoga, Francisco Kaiut, will be at Leap for a full weekend of exploration and instruction.

About Kaiut yoga…

Kaiut yoga is all about biomechanical health, or said another way, ”Your freedom of movement”.  Whether due to over use, lack of use or injuries…as we age our mobility is compromised.  Kaiut has been designed to improve a student’s joint health and mobility as they work through chronic pain, injuries, general aches and/or stiffness.

Kaiut works for EVERY BODY including the inflexible, hyper flexible and the aging body to improve your quality of life.  For more information about Kaiut yoga visit www.kaiutyogainternational.com.


The workshop schedule:

NOTE: January’s workshop with Francisco sold out and class sizes will be limited so sign up early to secure your space!


  • Thursday, July  26th 7:15p to 8:45p $50 –1 hour class, ½ hour discussion.- An introduction to the Kaiut Method and setting expectations for the weekend.


  • Friday, July 27th 10:30a – 11:30a   $35.00 –  1 hour Kaiut Class
  • Friday, July 27th 6:15p-8:45p   $75.00 –  1 hour class 1.5 hour discussion – It’s all about our mobility…gain insight into how Kaiut Yoga can benefit every body type.


  • Saturday, July 28th 9:45a – 12:15p   $75.00 -1 hour class, 1.5 hour discussion– Balance in the system with a particular emphasis on one of the main girdles in the body – the shoulders.
  • Saturday July 28th 2:00p – 4:30p     $75.00 – 1 hour class, 1.5 hour discussion – Back Issues? Learn about the central role the hip girdle plays in the mobility of and comfort in our whole body.


  • Sunday July 29th 10:00a – 12:30p   $75.00 –  1 hour class, 1.5 hour discussion – Good Pain, Bad Pain…there is a difference.  Learn how to read the feedback your body is giving you from your Kaiut Practice.

SAVE $60 when signing up for the Full Weekend workshop – $325.00

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