Conflict to Cooperation: 3 steps to create more peace within ourselves and at home

Conflict to Cooperation: 3 steps to create more peace within ourselves and at home with G’anna Burke

Date:Thursday April 5th



This workshop will empower you: -Understanding tantrums, talking back and what to do about it-How to get along with your kids-How to manage sibling rivalry-How to stay calm when your kids are upset-How energy medicine can help you let go of the past-What is going on in your child’s brain when they are triggered.-What brain science tells us about emotional intelligence -How to gain natural cooperation from your child -The one tool that is missing in your parenting toolbox-What parenting paradigms we are living in and which one serves us the most for parenting in the 21st centuryGood for parents of kids ages:3-13


Bio:G’anna Burke is a certified Conscious Parenting Guide, an EFT energy practitioner, designer, a mother of two active children and a wife. She is committed to helping parents create a peaceful, connected relationship with their children that will last a lifetime. She not only teaches compassionate communication skills so that parents can cultivate a deep loving relationship with their children and everyone in their lives. She is also passionate about helping parents heal from their own childhood wounding so that they can create relationship based off of unconditional love and respect. G’anna came to this work when she tried to parent her kids differently than she was raised and struggled. She found the tools she will share with you along with healing work helped her to cultivate the relationship with her children that she wished. She works with parents in 1:1 and group settings, as well as in workshops.



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