Break Away and Discover your Soul!

Break Away and Discover your Soul!



On being “Externally Resourced”…

When a person is primarily “externally resourced” they are overly identified with their human self and the conditioning of the three-dimensional reality or the world in front of their eyes. This often translates to getting caught up/ stuck in the immediate impact of our life circumstances.

When a person is primarily “externally resourced”, their mind is functioning at a deficit, on account that they’re not Trusting (i.e., yielding to) and not Surrendering (i.e., merging with) Source energy. In other words, when you’re primarily “externally resourced” you’re not partnering with or Living in Alignment with Source energy. Subsequently you’ll not have access to the “bigger picture view” of who you are, what you’ve come into this life to experience and or unable to access universal wisdom.

The Living in Alignment process is designed to free you from the constraints of your societal conditioning and facilitate a transition to becoming internally resourced and discovering your Soul mission or calling in life.

In a nutshell, here’s what it means to be Living in Alignment:

Living in Alignment with your Soul is a very different way of being and living your life. You will experience a transformative process of change: from being primarily externally resourced to being internally resourced.

Instead of allowing societal conditioning and dictates to override your inner knowing or truth, you will learn to listen to and follow the guidance and promptings from your Soul.

Living in Alignment with your Soul will foster your self-empowerment and facilitate your personal transformation.

To learn more about becoming internally resourced and the Living in Alignment approach please visit my website:

A little about me – Darcy Clarke.
I am a licensed holistic psychotherapist with over thirty years experience. My calling in life is to assist people to have a conscious experience of partnering with Source energy in their daily lives.



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