The Basics of Yoga with Gena Foreman

Start the New Year right! Join Gena Foreman for The Basic’s of Yoga.

This workshop is designed for beginners and any student of yoga who desires to acquire a deeper understanding of foundational yoga postures. Anyone who would like to learn how to practice Vinyasa Flow in an integrated and useful way will benefit.

The flowing series of movements in a sun salutation (Surya Namaskar), energize and awaken the body. When approached consciously, it enables the yogi to go deep within while enhancing body strength, flexibility and endurance.

In this workshop we will cover:

* How to practice & the benefits of Pranayama, (breath control) and Ujjayi Breath.
* Explore the relationship of the breath to movement.
* Break down each of the postures separately.
* Emphasis on alignment in order to flow smoothly and avoid injury.
* The use of props, modifications or adjustments to fit your needs and abilities.

You will leave this workshop comfortable and confident to attend any yoga class.

Date: Saturday Jan 13th
Time: 1-3pm
Investment: $25/advance registration $30/walk-in


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