Sweetness of Practice Series with Allie Rae

Sweetness of Practice Series with Allie Rae
January 7th – June 1st 2018


Ground & Grow Your Power with Ganesha
January 7- February 16th
Meeting Times: Sunday Jan 7th 1-2:30pm & Friday Feb 16th 7-8pm

Cultivate Abundance & Love with Lakshmi
March 4 – April 13
Meeting Times: Sunday March 4th 1-2:30pm & Friday April 13th 7-8pm

Build Vitality & Faith with Hanuman
April 22 – June 1
Meeting Times: Sunday April 22nd 1-2:30pm & Friday June 1st 7-8pm

Practice Investment: **Please register in advance**
$79 advance // $108 at door
$199 // for 3

Begin 2018 with a steady, consistent practice by committing to yourself for 40-days. Witness the powerful transformation that begins to unfold inside your practice and life.

Sadhana is a personal practice that supports the awakening and evolution of the Soul. The word Sadhana means “Spiritual Discipline.” It requires devotion, consistency and commitment for the practice to anchor inside the practitioner. Having a personal practice is a powerful tool and vehicle for the yogi to bring wounded-ness to wholeness and is a place where burdens or pain become our greatest blessing and offering. Our practice brings stability, where we become the steady eye in the unfolding of life’s Great Mystery.

Join Allie Rae in this 40-day practice series that creates a rhythmic daily practice to amplify and activate your day in a way that serves your personal growth. 


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