The Ultimate Kaiut Yoga Workshop with Founder Francisco Kaiut

The Ultimate Kaiut Yoga Workshop with Founder Francisco Kaiut

Founder of Kaiut Yoga, Francisco Kaiut, will be at Leap for a full weekend of exploration and instruction. Kaiut Yoga focuses on biomechanical health and is designed to work through chronic pain & injuries, general aches & stiffness. It works for the inflexible, hyper flexible, the athlete and the aging body. To learn more about Kaiut and Francisco please visit

Thursday January 18th
7:15-8:45pm $50
Class + Discussion: An introduction to the Kaiut Yoga Method and how this method has been designed to work for our modern body and lifestyle.

Friday January 19th.
10:30-11:30 $25
Class (Francisco to teach the regular Friday morning Kaiut class)

6-8:30 pm $75
Class + Discussion: Insight into how Kaiut yoga can benefit every body type, not only those that are young and flexible.

Saturday January 20th
9:45-12:15 $75
Class + Discussion: Discover the potential for Kaiut yoga to benefit the athlete’s body and mind.

2:00-4:30p $75
Class + Discussion: Learn about the central role the hips play in the mobility of and comfort in our whole system.

Sunday January 21
10 -12:30a $75
Class + Discussion: Understand the difference between pain and discomfort, and how to read the feedback your body is giving you.

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