How to Eat to Thrive as an Empath

By Sarah Grace

As we’ve discussed in prior blogs, being energetically sensitive and/or an empath can come with A LOT of stimulus. Physical, mental, emotional, and energetic ramifications happen when we accumulate excess debris in our energy bodies and don’t take proper measure to balance ourselves.

One staple to feeling good as an empath is our relationship to our physical body. Our capacity to not only be in our body but also properly tend to its needs has a direct impact on how much/little energy we perceive and retain in our aura.

Let’s be clear and say that there is NO ONE WAY to do anything that is best for everyone. This includes diet and nutrition! Some people’s bodies work best on vegan or vegetarian eating plans while others run optimally in the Paleo or Ketogenic programs. Understanding that there is no one “right way,” we can shift our objective to becoming curious about what types of food best fuel your unique system.

What I’ve noticed with myself and in working with many empaths over the years is that higher good fat/protein options in combination with tons of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, often stabilize our systems. Refined sugar and starchy foods can complicate the delicate nervous and digestive systems of an empath significantly. I know… right? Arg.

With our nervous system running more energy than the typical person, and with the transverse colon lying directly under the solar plexus (which is where higher levels of energy bodies attach to the physical form), we tend to be prone to imbalance when we introduce sugar and starch because the sensitive body often has a visceral inflammatory reaction. This reaction creates a ripple effect, which then often percolates through our full aura – creating imbalance.

Does this mean I can never eat sugar again?
NO! That would be miserable!
I’ve personally found that eating clean 80% of the time while allowing myself treats 20% of the time is an eating plan that is sustainable for my long-term health. My experience is that being too strict or regimented sets me up for failure as I feel deprived and restricted – which often boomerangs me right into wanting to reach for the cookies or chocolate.

In the future blogs, I’ll break down great choices for each food category, and how to implement nutrition that you can live with for the long haul. Remember, the key to sustained vitality is CONSISTENCY AND MODERATION! Healthy choices the majority of the time will build the lasting foundation for your physical vessel. Also, life is for the living – and food is a tremendous aspect of our everyday lives. So if you want to indulge a bit once a week or so, go for it. Enjoy every last little morsel and really let yourself appreciate what you eat when you eat it.

You are amazing and loved ~ exactly as you are! Cheers to great health and abundant physical energy! I’ll see you next week! xo



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