Teaching yoga can be tricky

by: Emily Robinson

Teaching yoga can be tricky at times. Something we don’t often talk about. One of my teachers told me years ago if you start teaching solely for the money it can become toxic. And yet after the hours and years of training getting a paycheck is an honor as well. I’m still surprised and grateful when I get my monthly check for teaching. Almost as grateful as I am I get to wear hippie yoga pants to teach in.

When I first started teaching years ago it was always for free. Eager to teach but not confident enough to charge for a class. Something beautiful happened with this though. Once I started teaching I was asked todo host workshops or events. I had a hard time charging and honestly asking for others to pay more than currently paying with a studio membership.  Or that is what I told myself. When in truth I was afraid to charge or ask for the exchange of payment for my time. I’m still working on that. The value of my time. So leading events for donation only or another cause became part of me. Part of my yoga journey. I am devoted to this.

From my beginnings as a teacher the beautiful thing that came from this is I had no issue in charging for classes or workshops that were for a greater cause. A cause that needed recognition or support. Financially and energetically.

The feeling for me coming together in a large group of yogis is like nothing else. Giggles. Tears. Sweats. Community groans or laughter through a pose. We find there we all belong. We are all the same in so many ways and we find we can celebrate and honor our differences at the highest level.

St. John’s is an amazing organization for women and children. Perhaps it is just by grace that I have  not needed their support in this life. However, they need ours. Please show up this Sunday at Leap for a very special workshop. Vinyasa and Yin. 1-3pm. Sign up now. All proceeds go to St John’s. If you need a sliding scale talk to me. If at this time you can just donate your energy, love and presence reach out to me.

Love to each of you. I am so very grateful for our community at Leap.




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