Going Deeper: A Backbend Workshop

In this workshop we will study the anatomy of the heart and the anatomy of the spine. We will explore proper warm-up and alignment of back-bending, enabling yogis to access these asanas in a new and invigorating way. In addition we will be traveling deeper into the energetic heart space to explore our own capacity to absorb a greater amount of positive energy, unconditional love & unlimited joy. We will learn more about the energetic heart, the Anahata and it’s power to radiate, it’s aura, and magnetic field.

This workshop will include exploration of both the physical and spiritual heart and the benefits of movement in the spine. Meditation on the heart chakra will also be included. Backbends can support greater self-confidence as well as the ability to move beyond fear and embrace excitement in life.

April 3rd 2016  |  1-3pm
$25 in advance & $30 day of workshop

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“Please join me in this journey where I am going to share wisdom and knowledge reminding ancient teachings that our masters left for us to explore: “It is in our Sacred Heart and in the depths of Our Spine that God lives”. This work will have many positive effects on the brain and nervous as we explore different forms of backbends, connect with the rhythm of our heart, and allow the light to shine through.”





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