Stacy’s Story

Hi yogis! Hope this week finds you all well. Im excited about this weeks post, as this week we’ll get to know Stacy and her story a little more.

For those of you who have taken Stacy Whittingham’s classes, you know that there is something about this woman that shines so bright it fills the room. She moves with grace and has so much
love and passion for people; she genuinely cares about supporting others in their personal journeys to health and wholeness.

Last year I had the privilege of going through Stacy and Gena’s teacher training and got to know Stacy on a deeper level. With her permission, I’m honored to share with you part of her story!

Living the American dream and working in corporate America, Stacy found herself run down and in a yoga class. After a series of divine interruptions (don’t you love those?!) she was lead to her teacher Rusty Wells, in San Francisco. Soon she completed first teacher training. It was clear at that point that this was her path, and with that, She dove all in and has never looked back.

Stacy’s journey to embracing the yogic lifestyle lead her to Mahendra Briksha  who quickly became one of her teachers. As she studied under Briksha they eventually became friends and collaborated co-creating a yogic catering and conscious eating education venture in San Francisco called Bhakti Kitchen.

During this time Stacy’s sister was diagnosed with cancer. Stacy took this diagnosis as an opportunity to grab hold of her passion and convictions and dive in deeper, learning more about how to heal the body with food. As she supported her sister through this battle she saw the fruits of the yogic diet manifest in her sisters healing. The valley of pain and struggle became a gateway for hope as Stacy’s sister went into remission and has been cancer free for the past five years. Stacy experienced first hand and in a powerful way the potential food has to heal the body, if we allow it.

Stacy lives Yoga. If you know her to any extent, you know this. She believes yoga is not just something we practice on the mat, but that as we step off the mat we are to step into the world and “walk like a yogi.” Every January she herself goes to San Francisco to join a community of between 100-200 yogis who practice an annual detox flow with her teacher Stephanie Snyder .

Stacy has been leading cleanse workshops at Leap for the past four years. She also Leads workshops and has clients in San Francisco as well and around the Sacramento area. Though she works with individual clients, what she loves is walking through the experience of cleansing in community. There is strength and support in that.

When I asked her what she loves the most about watching people go through her detox/cleanse workshops, she had a hard time sharing just one thing. What she did say is that “It changes their lives” and having gone through her teacher training, I can attest to the gift Stacy has to influence and change lives!

It’s a new year Yogis! Its time to breakup with the craving cycle, the unhealthy habits and rise up to a new level of wholeness, to take yoga off our mats and into our kitchens. To really experience the power of yoga, the power of loving ourselves, even with the food we eat. I know I personally have struggle in this area for most of my life. I’ve struggle with body shaming myself, and putting limitations on myself and I know how good and freeing it feels when we let go of what’s no longer serving us emotionally, spiritually, relationally and physically. I know I’m going to make the most of this gift we have in our community found in Stacy and glean from her all she has to offer. I invite you to join me, I hope you will! It’s time my friends to choose the best for our lives.

Stacy is starting off her workshop with a DETOX FLOW on Jan 16th and you do not want to miss this vital part to the process. This is the space where we pair movement and breath to prepare the body to release and receive everything else that’s coming in the 7 DAY CLEANSE. You know how its wise to build a house on a solid foundation, consider this detox flow your foundation for the cleanse workshop. Starting on the 17th, the week to follow we will be educated, equipped, inspired and supported by Stacy (and each other) as she walks us through what she has shared with so many others and little by little, step by step, we will become the healthiest versions of ourselves! Lets do this friends!!

I’m excited! Are you?! Hope to see you there!





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