Breath + Restorative Yoga + Sacred Gong

Breath + Restorative Yoga + Sacred Gong with Wayne & Stacy


Date: Friday, June 7

Time: 6:30-8pm

Investment: $35 advance registration // $45 walk-in


Breath + Restorative Yoga + Sacred Gong

Creating Balance and Clear Communication

Sitting squarely in the Zodiac period of Gemini, we come under the influence of the transformative frequencies of planet Mercury. The ruling planet of Gemini, Mercury, resonates with the throat center and encourages us to speak our truth, to be understood, and ultimately to move forward – beyond the judgments of others – with clear, kind, and honest communication.


Join us for this breakthrough experience! Enjoy breathwork, restorative yoga, and a 31-minute planetary gong sound meditation designed to help us awaken to the primordial sounds of planet Mercury and align with this Gemini season.


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