Cacao Dream & Sound Journey with Winter Jendayi

Cacao Dream & Sound Journey with Winter Jendayi


Date: Friday April 26th, 6-8pm

Time: 6:00-8:00pm

Price: $35/advanced • $40/day off event


This ceremonial offering is one of softening and surrender ~ A meditative journey, guided by the heartbeat of the drum and the word of story & song.


This journey offers a mystical experience as we dive within the depths of the Self, finding connection with our guides and the energies that are offering their support and gifts at this time in our life. Supported by sacred Cacao, we soften and open into our heart space as we align with our personal intentions as our compass and surrender into trust. Using the techniques of Shamanic Journeying, we are guided into a deep state of relaxation and meditation where intuition is awakened, allowing access to symbols and memories which offer clarity and connection with inner wisdom.


Throughout the journey, Winter will incorporate healing music, purifying plants and elemental teachings, to further support the integration of the experience.

This journey is an internal voyage where memory and connection with inner wisdom is found ~ Reinvigorating personal power, strengthening clarity of direction and inspiring forward steps towards a harmonized future.


About Winter:


Winter Jendayi is a ceremonialist, musician, mentor and doula who holds sacred spaces to support others in healing, transformation and awakening. Winter is a Moon Dancer and Pipe Carrier and her path is rooted in the Red Road teachings and wisdom ways of her ancestral lineages.


For the past decade, Winter has spent time in countries and communities around the globe where she has been studying with Indigenous leaders and weaving worlds as a community organizer, musician and ceremonial guardian. In 2022, Winter released her debut album, Hilos Sagrados, which can be found on all streaming platforms.




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