Yoga 101 – A Beginners and Beyond Workshop


Yoga 101 – A Beginners and Beyond Workshop


Date: January 7, 2023

Time: 1 pm – 3 pm

Investment: $35 / $40 for day-of walk-ins

Teachers: Sheri House & Kate Thomas




The beginning of a yoga journey is a special time. If you are new to yoga, or an experienced student who wants to to revisit the basics and explore ways to deepen your practice, Yoga 101 – A Beginners Yoga Workshop is for you! Learn the fundamentals of common yoga poses and gain a greater understanding of modifying poses and your practice to meet your personal needs. In addition to covering yoga poses, the 3-hour workshop includes an opportunity to learn about breathwork, a brief explanation of yoga philosophy and styles of yoga, and a gentle flow to practice newly learned yoga skills.



A few of the physical benefits you are likely to experience from establishing a consistent yoga practice:


● Improved muscular-skeletal condition

● Improved balance

● Improved breathing capacity

● Improved flexibility

● Stronger and more toned muscles

● Better posture

● A healthier spine

● A reduction in back pain


A few of the mental benefits you are likely to experience from developing a mindful yoga



● Improve mental clarity and calmness

● Assists with relaxing the mind and improves sleep habits

● Improved attention and concentration




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