Cacao Dream & Sound Journey with Winter Jendayi

Cacao Dream & Sound Journey with Winter Jendayi


Date: Friday November 18th 2022

Time: 6:30-8:30pm

Price: $35/advanced • $40/day off event


This guided journey offers a mystical experience into the depths of the Self, where we find connection with our guides and the energies that are offering their wisdom, support and gifts at this time in our life.

Working with sacred ceremonial Cacao, we are supported in softening into our heart space as we align with our personal intentions as our compass and surrender into trust.

The foundation of this offering is Shamanic Journeying which works with drum beats as a tool to induce alpha + theta brain waves guiding one into a deep state of relaxation and meditation. In this state, intuition is awakened, allowing access to symbols and memories which offer clarity, soul guidance and connection with inner wisdom.

Throughout the journey, Winter will incorporate medicine music and purifying plants to help assist in the process of carrying you into deeper connection and alignment with your truest expression + the source of your being.

** Winter works with raw cacao from Ecuador which grows in the wild and is harvested from mature trees up to 150 years old. She first studied with this medicine in Guatemala in 2017 and carries it with utmost respect and acknowledgment of the indigenous peoples who are the original stewards of this sacred plant.


About Winter

Winter is a dedicated ceremonialist, musician, healer and guide, carrying the teachings of the sacred ways of life. Winter is an initiated Moon Dancer and Pipe Carrier committed to serving the realms of Spirit and the Earth through offering her work to support others in opening new pathways in which they can come into more harmony and alignment in their life.

For the past eight years, Winter has been studying in countries and communities around the globe where she’s received teachings from elders and experienced many traditional forms of healing. Winter’s work weaves the wisdom of different traditions together, in the same way her ancestry is woven from different parts of the world.

Winter currently shares her work through a variety of individual and group programs, circles, workshops and retreats; virtually, locally and internationally.





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