Leap Week of November 2nd

Leap Week of November 2nd


This week our classes are further revised to provide a better IN-STUDIO class schedule.  IN-STUDIO class sizes are restricted to 19 so please be sure to sign up in advance!

Extensive cleaning procedures are implemented, with doors open and air purifiers on during all classes.  More details follow in this post.

Leap VIRTUAL classes are available for those who prefer to continue practicing from the comfort of your home.  As always we will be doing our best to serve in a way that offers classes for EVERY BODY so whether you wish to practice at the studio or join us VIRTUALLY, we are here for you!

We also have a Sunday Leap LIVE OUTSIDE class, this is located at the Folsom Sports Complex, 66 Clarksville Road in Folsom for our community to practice in person, in the fresh air.

Sign up at the Leap Website, “IN-STUDIO” “OUTSIDE” and “VIRTUAL” are listed separately on our class schedule.


Our Schedule this Week!


We bring you Leap Live OUTSIDE, IN-STUDIO as well as a full schedule of Leap VIRTUAL Live Stream classes throughout the week.  We also have over 450 classes and pose instruction videos in our VIRTUAL Library.

This week we also have Stacy’s 5 day Cleanse WORKSHOP for your health on Sunday from 1.00-3.00pm.

We also have our ongoing weekly series: The VIRTUAL Ashtanga 101: Cultivating a Personal Practice with Susana Mateos & Benett Hannan going on.



Monday November 2, 

  • 9.00am IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Vinyasa – Gena
  • 4.30pm IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Kaiut – Michēal
  • 6.00pm IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Vinyasa – Amy

Tuesday November 3, 

  • 7.15am WORKSHOP Virtual Ashtaga 101 – Susana & Benett
  • 9.00am IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Vinyasa – Cici
  • 10.30am IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Kaiut – Colette
  • 4.30pm IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Vinyasa – Benett
  • 6.00pm IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Yin – Stacy

Wednesday November 4, 

  • 5.45am IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Vinyasa – Butch
  • 4.30pm IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Kaiut – Stacy
  • 6.00pm IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Vinyasa – Timothy

Thursday November 5,

  • 9.00am IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Vinyasa – Karen
  • 10.30am IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Kaiut – Cindi
  • 6.00pm IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Vinyasa – Justin
  • 7.30pm IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Yin – Molly

Friday November 6

  • 9.00am IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Vinyasa – Sheri
  • 10.30am IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Kaiut – Butch

Saturday November 7, 

  • 9.00am IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Vinyasa Flow – Stacy
  • 10.30am IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Kaiut Yoga – Molly

Sunday November 8,  

  • 9.00am IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Vinyasa Flow – Butch
  • 10.00am OUTSIDE Vinyasa Flow – TBA
  • 10.30am IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL Kaiut Yoga – Michēal
  • 1.00pm WORKSHOP 5 Day Cleanse – Stacy Whittingham


Follow this link for Workshop details and pricing.

For Information on how to access Leap Virtual classes online, click on this link.


Are you a Leap Unlimited Monthly Member?

If so you can access all live streamed classes (excluding specialty classes listed under workshops) using your membership. Just sign up anytime at least one hour in advance through Leapyoga.net

Not a Leap monthly member and want to practice with us?

Leap Live drop-in classes are available for $12. Simply log in to your Leap account and register for the class you’d like to attend.

Don’t have a Leap account set up yet?

Visit us at leapyoga.net and create your account, then click on the classes tab to purchase a single class.

After the class you will receive another link enabling viewing for a further 48 hours.

Leap Library of prerecorded classes with your favorite Leap teachers.  Leap Unlimited Monthly Members receive access to all prerecorded classes included with membership.

To Access Leap Library click on this link.

Members should join our Facebook: LEAP Yoga Members Group, at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/550946295551773/


Your Safety:


Our studio safety standards are designed to help us provide a safe and welcoming environment to all who wish to attend in-studio classes. Please take a moment to review. We thank you for your support and understanding.

Reserve your class in advance:

Class sizes are limited and therefore we cannot accept walk-ins at this time. Visit www.leapyoga.net to register in advance.

Please stay home if you are not feeling well:

If you or an immediate family member is sick, running a fever, showing signs of COVID-19 or other illness please do not practice at the studio. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone who has, we ask that you not come to the studio for 14 days or until you’ve tested negative.

We ask that you wear a face mask to and from your mat as a courtesy to our staff, teachers and your fellow yogis:

Our front desk/check in staff will be wearing face masks.

Clean hands make a big difference:

We will have hand sanitizer stations in many different locations in the studio. Please sanitize hands when you come in and again when you leave your mat.

How about restrooms?

We ask that you use our restrooms on a limited basis and limit bathroom occupancy to a maximum of 2 people at a time.

Showers will be closed temporarily.

Please bring your own mats and props.

There will be no rentals or shared props at this time. We have props and mats for sale in studio.

Observe social distancing guidelines:

Remember the days where we practiced 2 inches from one another? Well those days are over for now. We have red (vinyasa & yin classes) and green (kaiut classes) stickers on the floor that you will place at the top center of your mat. This way you will maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance separation. As you check in please maintain social distancing.

Time in between classes will be used for cleaning the studio for our next wonderful group of yogis.

Wishing all of you health, peace with much love and gratitude.




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