An Evening of Empowerment with Sarah Grace

Leap VIRTUAL Live: An Evening of Empowerment with Sarah Grace


Date: Sunday September 13

Time: 6-7pm

Investment: $20

No refunds on day of event.  Thanks for understanding!

Guided Meditation and Visualization to reconnect with your “Inner-Awesome”

Remember your power, passion, and unique self-expression through this exquisite group experience. 

Join bestselling author, teacher and energy healer/paramedic Sarah Grace as she assists you in rediscovering your own strength and wisdom by guiding you through meditations, visualization/energy realignment exercises, and potent mentoring dialogue. 

Topics of discussion span from collective consciousness to practical everyday tips on ways to feel good and get what you want out of life.

Sarah has a direct, no nonsense approach sprinkled with sweetness and wry humor. She is a potent catalyst for great change, and currently works with people from all over the world to help rediscover their ‘inner awesome’.

If you want to learn how to thrive on every level, come play with us on Leap VIRTUAL Live!

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