Leap VIRTUAL this week!

Enjoy our Leap VIRTUAL live classes.


So as per California and Sac County requirements, we are back to VIRTUAL for a while.  In the meantime please stay safe.  Our website has been changed to reflect the new regulations.


We have arranged Leap Live Outside twice a week and have added it to the schedule, where we will be able to practice safely, outside together, in the perfect Leap Yoga Outdoors location at the Folsom Sports Complex at 66 Clarksville Road in Folsom.  A wonderful way for. our community to practice in person locally.


In the meantime, please be sure to join us on both Leap VIRTUAL Live and our Leap VIRTUAL Library. We invite you to practice with your Leap teachers from the comfort of your own home.

Are you a Leap Unlimited Monthly Member? If so you can access all live streamed classes (excluding specialty classes listed under workshops) using your membership. Just sign up anytime at least one hour in advance through Leapyoga.net

Not a Leap monthly member and want to practice with us? Leap Live drop-in classes are available for $12. Simply log in to your Leap account and register for the class you’d like to attend.

Don’t have a Leap account set up yet?Visit us at leapyoga.net and create your account, then click on the classes tab to purchase a single class.

After the class you will receive another link enabling viewing for a further 48 hours.


This week’s Leap VIRTUAL Live Streaming Schedule


Monday, July 20, VIRTUAL streaming

  • 9:00am Vinyasa  –  Gena
  • 4.15pm Kaiut – Stacy
  • 5:30pm Vinyasa – Amy

Tuesday, July 21, VIRTUAL streaming

  • 9.00am Vinyasa – Cici
  • 10:15am Kaiut – Colette
  • 4.15pm Vinyasa – Blake
  • 5:30pm Yin – Blake

Wednesday, July 22, VIRTUAL streaming

  • 4.15pm Kaiut – Michēal
  • 5:30pm Vinyasa – Timothy

Thursday, July 23, VIRTUAL streaming

  • 9.00am Vinyasa – Karen
  • 10:15am Kaiut – Cindi
  • 4.15pm Vinyasa – Benett
  • 5:30pm Yin – Molly
  • 7.15pm Vinyasa – Butch Leap Live OUTSIDE

Friday, July 24, VIRTUAL streaming

  • 9:00am Vinyasa – Tristina
  • 10:15am Kaiut – Butch

Saturday, July 25. VIRTUAL streaming

  • 9:00am Vinyasa Flow – Stacy
  • 10.15am Kaiut Yoga – Molly

Sunday, July 26.  VIRTUAL streaming

  • 8.30 Vinyasa – Lynnette Leap Live OUTSIDE
  • 9:00am Vinyasa Flow – Butch
  • 10.15am Kaiut Yoga – Michēal

*Workshop requires extra investment to sign up.

Leap Library of prerecorded classes with your favorite Leap teachers.  Leap Unlimited Monthly Members receive access to all prerecorded classes included with membership.

To Access Leap Library click on this link.

Members should join our Facebook: LEAP Yoga Members Group, at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/550946295551773/

Wishing all of you health, peace with much love and gratitude.





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