Already Grateful for 2020!


I’m Already Grateful for 2020!

Wow.  We are embarking upon a New Year AND a whole new decade!

Thank you 2019.  You carried us kindly.

Welcome 2020!  We deeply acknowledge your gifts and abundance.  We THANK YOU now for all you have in store for us.  We trust in knowing that you have our back.

I love fresh beginnings and opportunities to clear out what no longer serves, give thanks to the lessons we’ve learned, and set intentions (and a roadmap) in the direction of our hearts greatest call.

New Year’s is an epic time for a fresh start.

Many of us equate HOPE with new beginnings.   Hope brings excitement.  Excitement is a feel good state.

However, to successfully move towards the life you deserve and desire you must get real about the one you are leaving behind.   This can evoke hope and/or grief and fear.

For some of us the longing of what’s ahead will be a strong enough pull towards growth.   For others the relief of leaving the pain behind will propel faith in a new approach.   Yet, many will be in the in-between, knowing you want more, and unsure of how to truly evolve; resolved to a feeling of paralysis or stuck-ness, even despair.

Regardless of where you fall in this spectrum of motivation, we all thrive in community and while being truly supported.  AND we ALL deserve to live out the life we desire.  We deserve to actualize our deepest values.

Over many years of setting intentions and resolving habits I have learned that following my deepest Desires, embracing Joy and learning to live with my Heart Wide Open have been my saving grace.

I’m moving away from overworking and moving towards over-enjoying.

I recognize daily that the more I learn to love and honor myself the more I can love and appreciate others, and isn’t that the point?   To love and be loved is the greatest gift, the deepest joy.

I am increasingly excited to share this path of living with your Heart Wide Open.

I am continually compiling what I learn in my psychology practice, in my Women’s Empowerment Groups and on my mat.   I believe it’s my responsibility to share what has worked for others and me.

Join me for my upcoming Heart Wide Open Women’s Empowerment Workshop & Fundraiser (Proceeds go to Powerhouse Ministries – Helping women and children in need) on January 19th from 1-230pm @ Leap Yoga.   All women identifying hearts are welcome!

Here’s what you can expect…

  • Understand the How & Why of Prioritizing Yourself!
  • Begin to master the art of Asking for what you want (& get it!)
  • Learn where & why you need Boundaries

Sign up on the workshop page of the Leap Website ( ) and/or visit me @

Happy New Year Everyone!   2020 is gonna be Oh So Good!





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