The Repetition of a Healthy Process 

The Repetition of a Healthy Process 

The development of a balanced life requires the creation of positive & sustainable practices. Making daily routines that feed our higher goals inevitably will generate more stable conditions. Perhaps you have a yoga posture practice as a consistent part of your life- you don’t have to stop there. A yoga practice on your mat has wonderful effects; however, it does have limitations. There is a ceiling on how far you can go physically with the postures, but THE DEPTH IN WHICH YOU CAN EXPERIENCE YOURSELF IN THE POSTURES IS INFINITE.

The quality of your experience can be dramatically improved by having healthy rituals off of your mat. These rituals can range from meditation, reading, writing, other forms of exercise, etc. Just like how you can enhance your life through a practice on the mat, so to you can enhance your mat practice with what you do in life. This is the way to take your practice to the next level.

How does one create consistent healthy practices?

  • IDENTIFY YOUR HIGHEST CALLING that creates goodness in your life and your environment. Aim at the greatest good you can generate. You can’t go towards something if you don’t have an aim.
  • BUILD A SCHEDULE so that your plans are organized. It is very difficult to find consistency when your actions happen at random times.
  • MAKE A FIRM COMMITMENT and go for it! Repeat your process and then sit back and enjoy the benefits of your efforts.

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