Heart Medicine with Saul David Raye & Jim Beckwith

Heart Medicine Friday Feb 1st and Saturday Feb 2nd with Saul David Raye & Jim Beckwith

Friday February 1st 7-9pm 

Investment $25

Heart Medicine Kirtan: An evening of Ecstatic Chanting 

Join us for an intimate and soul-stirring evening of chanting, music, mantras and medicine songs as we come together in community and celebrate the journey of life. Kirtan is the practice of chanting or singing in a group. Sanskrit mantras, prayers, medicine songs, soulful grooves, dancing and heart wisdom allow for a deep communal experience. It is at once a practice of meditation, exploration and activation that connects us back to the heart. Acclaimed Yogi and Mantra Music Artist Saul will be joined by the wonderful talents of  multi instrumentalist Jim Beckwith for this beautiful devotional evening.  

Saturday February 2nd 1-3:30pm 

Investment $35//advance registration $45//door

The Power of the Heart ~ Hridaya Shakti

Both ancient mystics and modern science acknowledge the power and importance of the Human Heart. The Heart exists on different levels  of being; physical, emotional and spiritual and is the place that holds our deepest essence, passion and wisdom. It is the space where all polarities and opposites dissolve and the place that holds the key to inner peace and spiritual awareness. Yet the human heart still remains a mystery. 

This class will offer teachings that support a deeper awareness of the heart as well as a dynamic heart centered practice of asana, breathwork, chanting, meditation and music with special practices for strengthening, healing and awakening the power of our hearts. 

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