Learn to Listen


Think about those moments when a loved one calls and you can tell just by the sound of their voice that something is wrong. The Pitch and tone can provide loads of information even without the other person explaining the details. This is why learning to listen is of such high value.

Listening is fundamental to the yoga practice. Problems, frustration, and even injury can occur when our attention is scattered. Most importantly, our ability to connect will suffer.

There is so much more we can take in when we communicate if we just stay present. Listen carefully and it just might be one of the best gifts you have to offer.

During the Yoga for Life: 4 Week Program, we will explore ways to go deeper into our courage, commitment, and ability to connect to ourselves and others. Each week you will learn the ancient teachings of the Niyamas, the personal observances of yoga. Discover how the Niyamas serve as compasses in your daily living. Gain tools to make purposeful choices and learn to listen to your inner teacher.

Take four weeks with Tristina Kennedy & Michael Fong to commit to building a healthier relationship with yourself, others and the world around you. Be supported by your yoga community and break through the negative patterns of the past to start the year off with balance and power!

Click here: http://leapyoga.net/workshops/



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