The Kaiut Yoga Weekend Workshop Experience

Join Kaiut Yoga Creator, Francisco Kaiut in sunny California this January. 


YOGA FOR YOUR JOINTS : Come discover and dissolve the restrictions in your joints that impact your ability to move freely and enjoy life. 


LEAP YOGA STUDIO: 1725 Iron Point Rd, Folsom, CA 95630, USA 


Francisco Kaiut brings his amazing yoga skills to Leap Yoga once more.  Northern California is becoming a beacon for this restorative, beneficial and developmental program!  Experience new, dynamic and  supplementary topics of discussion along with an expanded series of lectures, classes and poses as the founder of Kaiut yoga mentors and guides you.

About Kaiut Yoga:

Kaiut yoga is all about bio-mechanical health, or said another way, ”Your freedom of movement”.  Whether due to over use, lack of use or injuries…as we age our mobility is compromised.  Kaiut has been designed to improve a student’s joint health and mobility as they work through chronic pain, injuries, general aches and/or stiffness.  Kaiut is superb for all, including the inflexible, hyper flexible and the aging.

For more information about Kaiut yoga visit:


The workshop schedule:

NOTE: All previous workshops with Francisco have sold out with limited class sizes.  Please sign up early to secure your space!

Thursday January 10th: 7:15pm-8:45pm  – Class & lecture/discussion $59

Friday January 11th am: 10:30am-11:30am – Class only $35

Friday January 11th pm: 6:30pm-8:30 pm – Class & lecture/discussion $79

Saturday January 12th am: 10:00am-12:00pm – Class & lecture/discussion $79

Saturday January 12th pm:  2:00pm-4:00pm – Class & lecture/discussion $79

Sunday January 13th: 10:00am –12:00pm – Class & lecture/discussion $79

SAVE $85 when signing up for the Full Weekend workshop – $325.00



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