Asana Intensive and the Yoga of Sound

Traditional Hatha Yoga Workshop – Asana Intensive with Brian Festa
Date: Saturday, April 28th
Time: 12:30 – 3:30pm
Investment: $35

This comprehensive workshop covers over 30 therapeutic postures and sequences for focus, balance, strength, flexibility, and detoxification.  Taught in an ancient style of breathwork (Pranayama) while holding the asana’s steadily and comfortably for longer periods of time (Sthira Sukhasanam), we tap into the deepest cellular levels of the posture’s intended benefits and purpose.


In this workshop we will:
-Slow down
-Learn which asanas can be used for particular purposes:
Focus, balance, longevity, weight loss, digestion, stress reduction, detoxification, etc.
-Learn new tools to better utilize our breath and body awareness in each asana
-Develop a deeper understanding of the variations suitable for your individual body type.
-Leave with an expanded vocabulary of asanas for home practice (take-home notes/descriptions will be provided!)



Mantras, Music, and Ecstatic Kirtan with Brian Festa
Date: Saturday, April 28th
Time: 5:30-7:30pm
Investment: $20

Most of us can make sounds, speak, laugh, cry, sing… but do we ever use our voices to produce intentional sacred resonance?  A musician and vibrational astronaut of over 20 years, Brian will lead us through various methods of sacred vocal exercises, tuning into our very own vibratory resonance through repetition of sacred tones and mantras.

In this workshop we will:

-Discuss a brief history of Nada Yog, the practice of Yoga through sound and vibration.

-Learn toning techniques to reduce stress, calm the mind, and revitalize our energy centers through specific seed sounds and mantras.

-Investigate the feelings and releases accompanied by these ancient practices in a safe space.



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