Ghost Flower Event at Leap

Channel Your Energy with Ghost Flower April 7-8

Meet GHOST FLOWER, the first ever high-performance activewear designed to get your Qi flowing. As a member of the Leap Community you are invited to be amongst the first to see the collection in person and even try the pieces on! The Ghost Flower team has also developed a new practice integrating yoga, channel-based stretching, and acupressure. Moving in the Ghost Flower Flow helps you channel your energy and renew your body! You will enliven your yoga postures, experience sophisticated movements, and be given the tools to understand and unlock your body’s energy network.


The Ghost Flower Practice:

Join Ghost Flower on the mat for a powerful movement practice. Ghost Flower is a brand with a different take on activewear that’s truly focused on wellness. Rooted in Chinese Medicine and inspired by the Five Elements, the Ghost Flower practice is distinctive. The Energy Channels mapped out by Ancient Chinese medicine, and now woven into the Ghost Flower apparel, will guide us in moving along and activating the channels in our body. Moving in the Ghost Flower Flow helps you channel your energy and renew your body. Enliven your yoga postures, experience sophisticated movements, and learn how to find acupressure points.

Saturday Class: Earth Element Flow and Pop-Up Shop

I Have Everything I Need
The Ghost Flower Earth flow is design to move you into a place of feeling grounded. A shift in perspective may be all you need to assure you that you can feel nourished and balanced.
Pop-Up Shop in lobby 9:00am-1:00pm
Public 75 min class 9:30-10:45am, Standard class rates apply.


Sunday Workshop: Intro to the Five Elements. Wood Element Flow & Pop-Up Shop

In this workshop, you will receive a brief introduction to each of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine. The movement portion of the class will then focus on the Wood Element. Explore your courage and flexibility when you come up against rigidity. Activating the Wood Energy channels in your body will help you improve the health and flexibility across the back and sides of your hips. Wood Energy encourages you to move beyond a place of stiffness and emerge feeling malleable and strong.
Pop-Up Shop in lobby 10:00am-4:00pm
Workshop 1:00-3:00pm $25 Advance Registration/$30 Day of Event


Kaita Mrazek is is a PMA-certified Pilates Instructor, E-RYT 200 Yoga Instructor, and dancer. She is the Director of the Ambassador program for Ghost Flower Activewear, a company which uses their clothing to explore principles of Chinese Medicine in movement. In addition to her movement life, she is a visiting researcher at UCSB studying the limits of cognitive and neural plasticity. She is co-author of Presence of Mind, a book on mindfulness and meditation. She is most interested in helping students connect to their moving bodies, and use movement to find acceptance, curiosity, and celebration in the process.



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